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Secretary's Report

Exactly 733 days ago, the leadership of Pres. Juana Go was given the vote of confidence by presidents of 34 member-chapters of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Catholic Women's Organizations. The 2012-2014 National Officers of the FFCCWO have come to a full circle. Time, indeed, runs swiftly. 

Two years have passed. So many things have happened. So many chances of serving were given to us. On behalf of Pres. Juana Go, it is my honor to share with you the colorful journey the National Board undertook. 

A total of four board meetings were held: April 22, 2012 at Kamay ni Hesus in Lukban, Quezon Province;

Sept. 28, 2012 Cagayan de Oro City during the feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz; June 23, 2013 in Busay, Antipolo and

Feb. 7, 2014 at Pico de Loro Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. 

As coordinating with the 34 chapters is the primary function of the National Board, we took it upon ourselves to visit as many chapters as we could. The condition in Zamboanga City made it difficult for us to visit Jolo, Cotabato and Zamboanga. Thus, only 31 chapters were visited. The visits became opportunities for us to see culture and faith life unfolds before our eyes. The visits also became rare chances of affirming the vision and mission of the Federation in the journey of every chapter. What was even more memorable was the personal touch that went with every hosting: food and warmth filled our bodies and hearts that we always felt we never left home.  

On August 31st, LMI or the Lorenzo Mission Institute celebrated its Silver Anniversary. It coincided with the commemoration of the birth anniversary of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. In the same gathering, and in keeping with the spirit of the Church, FFCCWO's centerpiece program, SHARING GOD's LOVE was declared the official local charity arm of the Chinese-Filipino Apostolate in the Philippines. 

In this day and age, putting across information faster is made possible not only through traditional print media such as the Humanitas, but also through a website. We formally launched the federation website www.ffccwo.org and a facebook account under the Federation's name to allow member chapters to update the national federation with activities and accomplishments. 

The biennial PRESIDENTS' and SECRETARIES' meeting was held in Dagupan from March 6-8, 2013. It was a huge success what with the attendance of 127 participants. The highlights of the meeting included the attendance of Archbishop Soc Villegas and the launching of the three statues of our Lady of China - for the three major regions of the Country: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. All this time and for about a year now, the statues have been visiting members' homes. And once again, the 3 statues are reunited here in Tagbilaran.

Immediately after the meeting in Dagupan, the National Board attended the Silver Jubilee celebration of Bishop Jaucian's sacerdotal anniversary. An outreach program was carried out among the inmates of the Abra Provincial Jail through Sharing God's Love Fund. Mass was celebrated distribution of goods was done. 

The past two years have been very challenging: Typhoon Pablo, Zamboanga Siege, Bohol Earthquake, Typhoons Yolanda and Agaton. While they were all about calamities, we in the National Board looked at these as well as our big opportunity to, in the words of St. Therese of Lisieux, spend our heaven by doing good on earth. 

Another term is ending. New faces will soon be taking over. But the bond that we have built over the last two years will forever stay in our hearts. It is something that neither time nor term end can take away. Dear sisters in the board, Juana Go, Our national President, Luisa Ng, V.Pres., Shirley Cheng, National Treasurer, Anita Lee, Lilia Grino, Dra Araceli Tan, Virgie Po, Dativa Ong and Raquel Lu, thank you sooo much for this priceless gift.


 Bishop Jaucian, you saw what we went through. The trip to Bangued on your anniversary made me realize that the travels you always made to join us in all our visitations were never easy. But you were always there. God bless you with more strength and passion. May you remain selfless in your ministry. The entire Federation will truly pray for you. 

Auntie Mely, our mother superior, you taught us one important lesson: faith in the Lord and dedication never fail to make miracles in a world that does not anymore seem to believe in these. By your life you made me personally believe that prayer and faith truly bring out a lot of best in us. I am awed at your spirituality. 

Tita Juana Go, our National President, i cannot thank you enough. Being with you made me know you on a personal level. I just realized how good you are not only as president but also as mother and generous and kind lady with a huge golden heart. We know fully how blessed you are but what make you outstanding and extraordinary are your exceptional humility and generosity. Having you and Auntie Mely is like getting a doctorate degree in two years. Working with you was never tiring. I always looked forward to it in fact. Jimmy, George and Carol, thank you for sharing your mom with us. To Tali for always there to pick me up and drove us safely to our entire mission.

This is the day when we can truly say we are finally graduating... I shall truly miss the moments we all spent together, the presidential suite of Go Hotel and the lessons I have learned from all the trips. 

To Msgr  Bong Lo, Fr. Eking, to all my prayer warriors and most of all to Fr. Gil Escalante and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Ladies Circle of Cagayan de Oro, for all your support and belief in me, which made me who I am now, in serving as a servant of our Lord.

My family, my dad, especially mom, daughter Kesha and son Stefan, for understanding my absenteeism. Above all, Yang Ju, my husband for allowing me to do all the works with love and understanding.

God made all things possible thru him. He made me a better person especially in the realm of my faith journey. 

FFCCWO, it was a honor to be part of the national board. Thank you for the rare chance. I shall look back to these days with fulfillment and joy, conscious that I had done what I was supposed to do. I shall be at peace because I have run the race and have finished the course. To God be the Glory. 

God bless us all!

ad majorem dei gloriam  

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